Found in 3
in 5

An affordable but luxurious experience of having venues sourced on your behalf. 

Relax whilst M.R.S conducts detailed research and makes direct contact with venues during the search, to find your ideal wedding venue. 

Select from either Found in 3 where Minnie will source 3 venues for you to choose from, in line with your needs. OR choose Found in 5, where we source 5 venues to choose from. 

Venues found will be meticulously presented to you in a slide show form, containing all relevant information 

Found in 3 or 5 would also make a great wedding gift for a loved one getting married.

What to expect..

Starting with a consultation call..

A consultation call to discuss what your ideal venue is; characteristics, services needed from venue, aesthetics and budget towards venue/wedding. At this point you will also confirm whether you want to have 3 venues sourced to choose from or 5. 


The search...

Minnie will then begin researching venues on your behalf that are fitting to your requirements, including negotiating prices and discussion of terms and conditions if booking the venue.


The presentation...

Once all venues are sourced, Minnie will then present these to you, to further assist you in comparing. All venues sourced will be fitting to your specifications.

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Invest in Found in 3: £300

Invest in Found in 5: £500