Underwear colour is always something to bear in mind. Most ladies still believe the best colour bra to wear under white is white.  This is not always the case especially in a satin, silk or light weight dress.

What Colour?

White edges/seams often show through. Some brides still choose to match their underwear to the colour of their dress, and the choice is yours. BUT We believe it depends on the material of your dress and your skin tone. A white or ivory bra could be quite visible as we said before, so pick a colour that’s a closer match to your skin tone especially under delicate silk or lace dresses. Yes they are not as pretty in nude or skin tones, but the underwear for the dress is a lot about being discreet and shaping your body.


Written by Jennifer Hare - Panache Styling

Boudoir Lingerie

You can change to something more decorative in the evening for your boudoir lingerie. A chemise, lace body, a chantilly lace set with suspenders or a corset if you didn’t wear one in the day. During the day you may need to think about a bra with no seams and lace detailing if your dress is delicate, as these details will show through. A lot of brands now do seamless bras for weddings if needed. Wonderbra and Studio Pia both have great selections for these understated bras. They still hold your shape well and are a luxury label. Why spend a lot of money on your wedding dress, and not on your wedding lingerie. As the French boutiques say ‘dress from the inside out for perfection’ and your wedding day is your day to be perfect!