Designed in 3

Two 60 minute design and styling consultations for design conscious brides and grooms. 

An affordable way to design the wedding you've been dreaming of, but didn't know how to create. 

This is two sessions with M.R.S, to create a concept and also a map of how to achieve it. 

For you it will be two sessions. Sit back and relax whilst we create your wedding.

Designed in 3 would also make a great wedding gift for a loved one getting married.

What to expect..

The first 60 minute welcome call...

60 min consultation video call - This is the chance for you and I to discuss the following: Wedding budget, vision for the wedding day, we'll discuss all your life favourites, such as favourite colours, wines, food, games etc and share any existing ideas. This helps M.R.S create a picture and design led vision for your wedding, which will be bespoke to you and assist in creating a unique wedding in its own right.


The designing...

M.R.S drafting and design session:

After session one, I will then leave you to create a concept for your wedding, based on our discussions. This includes: two inspiration boards to keep, design and styling step by step guide to create the design, M.R.S' little black book of supplier contacts best fitting to create your desired look and a bespoke styling guide for the day of the wedding. 


The final 60 minute call...

 The second call will be us talking through the design concept and M.R.S will present all the information to you. We'll spend an hour going through the inspiration boards and how to create the vision and bring it to life. We'll discuss budget and how to achieve the design within that budget. 

Finally, we'll have a Q&A session. Ask me anything and everything to do with design and styling. 

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Invest in Designed in 3: £300