Finding the right bridal lingerie will make such a big difference to your confidence levels, & help shape your figure in your dress.

Bridal Lingerie

 This isn’t something you should leave last minute. It's your dress that determines what lingerie you will need. So once the dress is chosen, you must then purchase the right style lingerie and make sure that you are taking the lingerie to all your dress fittings. Most tailors/bridal stores will ask you if you have the underwear with you so measurements can be taken with the lingerie on. You will also need to make sure you can move around easily, sit, eat and dance! 


Written by Jennifer Hare - Panache Styling

What About

Weight loss?

One thing brides ask us is ‘what should I do if I am planning on losing weight before my big day. How do I then get fitted?’

If you are planning on losing weight before your big day you will need to plan ahead and set a realistic weight goal. One of the first places ladies tend to lose excess weight is around the breasts. So you will need to consider the cup size, this is why a professional bra fitting is key. Regular bra fittings during your weight loss journey are recommended . If you are lucky enough to have picked a dress style that allows you to wear a corset, the corset can always be tightened to adjust to your new size.

Another tip is: You should purchase two sets of lingerie; one in your current size and one for your predicted size. Take both sets with you for your dress fitting & the tailor will be able to forecast that into their measurement taking.