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COVID - 19 | How to move forward with your wedding.

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

We know that this is a tough/scary time for all the brides and grooms getting married sometime this year. During these trying times, we have seen a lot of questions regarding how to move forward with the big day that so many of you have been planning! & we assume that if you are reading this, you may be in this predicament or know someone that is. So to assist in giving a bit of clarity in these very uncertain times, below we have outlined what we believe is the best way to move forward. As hard as it may be, take a read and hear out why we believe choosing to postpone (or possibly carry on), is the best decision.

PLANNING TO POSTPONE (If your wedding is between March - July)

(Please be aware that some registrars have advised that, they will only be conducting ceremonies with the bride, groom, witnesses and photographer ONLY)

- We know "postponing" isn't exactly what you thought it would come down to, but we want you to be best informed. Because of the virus and the current information being passed on to us by the government, we know there are a number of regulations we must abide by. This isn't affecting only us directly, but everyone and everything around us. Because of this, you will most likely find that it will mean guests begin to drop out, suppliers begin to close and venues prepare for the worst, which could also mean closing. So, if you are not decided on what to do, or are leaning towards making the decision to postpone, we would say this is a decision that will lift some weight off your shoulders. Below we have outlined a few tips on what to do, to move forward with this decision.

1. Speak to your wedding venue - We have worked closely with a lot of venues and can confirm that most of them would be willing to look into future dates. Venues are aware of how difficult it is at the moment, and no one is certain of what could happen tomorrow!Also most of these venue's will also need to close for sometime. But be aware that venues will most probably still request that all payment is made as per original contract timeline, so please still be ready to make final payments.

2. Speak to suppliers! Again, the suppliers that we work with are currently still happy to postpone, based on availability of course -So do remember to keep in close contact with your suppliers when trying to pick a new date with your venue.

3. Speak to your friends and family - We believe some guests may be relieved at this decision, especially if they fall under the "high risk" category and would have struggled to attend the original date. Also, with all the virus information going around (some accurate , some not) , a lot of people are on edge and struggling to live their day to day lives as normal.

4. Lastly, speak to each other - remember that this is a partnership between you and your partner. It is important that you stick together and continue to support one another. This isn't an easy decision to make, but just remember that your big day should be stress free and enjoyable, and if this decision is the one that enables this, then you are making the right decision!

PLANNING TO CARRY ON (Weddings from late August on-wards)

(Please be aware that some registrars have advised that, they will only be conducting ceremonies with the bride, groom, witnesses and photographer ONLY)

- We have decided to touch base on "choosing to carry on" - as we know that some couple's weddings are a couple of months down the line. We think that it is possible to avoid cancelling/postponing, if your wedding is from June on-wards. You just need to make sure to do the following:

1. Speak to your venue! Most venues will aim to re-open as soon as possible, and they will be able to advise if it is possible to avoid postponing due to the time frame.

2. Carry on planning as you should be, but remember that anything can happen! Sit with your partner and outline the possibilities and plan what to do should the wedding need to be postponed.

As a wedding specialist & being engaged myself, I really do understand how difficult this time must be for engaged couples out there. However, I do believe that in a couple of months time, we should be back on our feet as a country! & we hope to be able to bounce back.

Please don't be disheartened and cancel your wedding! Try and find other solutions such as the above advice to postpone. Marriage is a sacred thing! keep positive and stay hopeful always. x

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