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Scent your wedding

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

One thing that we try to create with our weddings is a "memorable day"... Not just for the guests, but most importantly, our bride & groom. Scent & fragrance can be one of the biggest memory triggers & a great way of bringing back emotions & feelings!

The scent needs to be personal to you & your partner, a smell that you would love to have as part of your day. Some couples will have diffusers & some candles! It is all down to preference.

How do you scent your wedding?..

It's pretty simple to do & always best to avoid too many scents, stick to one / two scents & you can even them together. Fragrance stores such as Jo Malone offer fragrance consultations to help you pick & create your perfect scent. Candles are always so pretty and can even be integrated into your centre pieces, or why not have them placed on your dinner tables for a cosy feel.

Favours: You can also go as far as giving a sample sized bottle of your fragrance to your guests! They will forever associate the smell with your wedding!

Tip for the bride/groom: On the day, use a perfume/aftershave that you will only wear on the day..

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