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A typical wedding day timeline

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Wedding day timeline

So I came to an understanding recently that most people are not aware of what a typical "Wedding Timeline" is... & to be honest, if you haven't attended many weddings or you just aren't into it, how would you know? ... You wouldn't...

Below is a timeline outlining what your wedding day could look like!


(Please note* This is a brief example, you can play around with the timeline to suit your day!)

12:00pm Ceremony

Usually takes 30minutes - 45minutes depending on the setting

12:45pm Breakout drinks, Photographs, Canapés

If your ceremony is in a church away from the evening venue, it is unlikely you will have drinks and canapés there. That would be waiting for you & your guests at the venue. (Make sure whilst you are having your photographs taken, guests do have some where they can be drinking and mingling before the wedding breakfast)

15:45pm Wedding Breakfast

This is the chance to have your meal with your close ones and also do the speeches!

18:00pm Cutting of the Cake/teas & coffees

19:00-19:45pm Room Turn Around for Evening Reception

Your evening guests would start to arrive at this time

20:00pm First Dance

00:00am End of the Wedding Day!

The day can be over whelming & pass quite quickly, so remember to live up every moment & take it all in!

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